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Fashion Design Of The Year 2018


The fashion industry is one of the biggest and more widespread industries, booming year on year, expanding with innovative ideas, improved modules, trendy styles and new people. This is because fashion is a way of life, a source of inspiration and a living proof creativity.
The best of the best fashions is the limelight of the key players in this humungous industry and can be reflected time and again at different events. Avas cosmetics, a name popular among the best of players in the fashion world, is coming up with the Avas International Fashion Fest in the month of June 2018.
Through this fashion fest, international brand Avas opens up a sea of opportunities for all the people, young and old, to come forth with their brilliant ideas and execute them in the various categories of cosmetic art and fashion in this event.

Payment Option


* Participate Fees for USA & CANADA Citizens Only.
* Non Refundable Fees.

One of the most sought after categories in this international fashion fest hosted by Avas is fashion designing and all applicants with flair for fashion designing can showcase their talents on this international platform. This fashion fest is one of the best opportunities for everyone, especially new talent waiting for a breakthrough into fashion designing.

As this International Fashion Fest shall come to pass in the middle of the New Year, Avas reveals its manifesto of not only engaging the audiences but also providing new people different openings to display their talent and art. So if you are among the ones who know and believe in yourself, set your feet tapping towards the venue and win yourself the award for the Best Fashion Design of 2018 on this day.

Avas is opening the door for all such aspiring candidates interested in this forte where you will be evaluated and appreciated. It is an excellent chance for international recognition among renowned celebrities and designers who have made a mark upon Bollywood and the fashion industry. The platform can be profitably leveraged by candidates confident of their craft and you can gain the recognition and renown you are looking for.

Avas has always been open to new ideas and new talent. This fashion fest will set stage in 92 Waverly Street Yonkers, New York, USA, 10701 in June 2018 and will see the light of the day for innumerable candidates as a dream coming to life. This is your opportunity to invent, innovate and express through your work, the best design in your creativity store and win the recognition and fame for the Best Fasion Design of the year 2018.

Not only is the opportunity a lucrative one, but so is the award. The achievement shall attain an additionally divine flavor when famous Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities shall personally present the winner with a substantial sum of $2000 as cash gift for their success at fashion designing.

For more information on the Avas International Fashion Fest, get in touch with Amisha Kiri Hitt from Avas cosmetics and visit their website info@avascosmetics.com to register for the event with just $500. So without further delay, register on the website and set the wheels in motion.
Bring out your best decorative self as we await seeing you as a world-class fashion designer with your victory for the Best Fashion Design of the year 2018 at the Avas International Fashion Fest.