Henna Artist Of The Year 2018

AVAS INTERNATIONAL TALENT HUNT 2018, organized specially for Indian artist of different genres to compete and exhibit their excellence. The masters or one can say the truly talented ones will get an opportunity to spread their native culture in the USA. The United States of America, a place that not just respects the talent but also provides a suitable environment for Growth and Expansion is not easy to travel to for everyone. Hence, to make traveling to the USA a piece of cake for our true talent we have robbed in various sponsors and if needed we ourselves shall sponsor the right knack.

Art comes in many forms and fashions. The artist is a creator of beautiful handiwork that can be manifested in different brilliant modules. Among the artists and beauty creators in the makeup and fashion industry, the blazon of Henna emerges with fascinating alacrity. Today, the art of a Henna Artist is an embodiment of the adroitness of traditional makeup with a twist of modern aptitudes. As the year 2018 shall progress, the craft of Henna designing will reveal itself with a competitive edge in the very fabulous and breath-taking Avas International Fashion Fest taking place.

So hurry folks, henna artist are most welcome to apply now on Henna Artists Registration and win $2000 cash gift.

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