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Henna Artist Of The Year 2018


Art comes in many forms and fashions. The artist is a creator of beautiful handiwork that can be manifested in different and brilliant modules.
Among the artists and beauty creators in the makeup and fashion industry, the blazon of Henna emerges with fascinating alacrity. Today, Henna art is an embodiment of the adroitness of traditional makeup with a twist of modern aptitudes.
As the year 2018 shall progress, the craft of Henna designing will reveal itself with a competitive edge in the very fabulous and breath-taking Avas International Fashion Fest taking place in the month of June at 92 Waverly Street, Yonkers, New York, USA.
Avas cosmetics is a leading player in the cosmetic and fashion industry with a palpable cynosure in the art of Henna preparation and designing. This International Fashion Fest hosted by Avas will be a key focal point for all enthusiasts in this cosmetic art industry.

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* Participate Fees for USA & CANADA Citizens Only.
* Non Refundable Fees.

Along with its propaganda of beauty products and continuous deliverance of valuable information to the interested learner, Avas also targets worthy candidates with smarts for makeup and cosmetic art.
This fashion fest is one of the best platforms for new and young Henna artists to demonstrate their handiwork and win themselves the award of the Best Henna Artist of 2018. It is a chance for anyone and everyone possessing the knack for Henna designing to implement their best patterns and become the Best Henna Artist of 2018.
Avas International Fashion Fest is one of the most appropriate stations for skillful individuals foraging for opportunities to taste appreciation of their craft and art. It is one of the best sources to draw together talented candidates with a flair for Henna artwork and designing to give their best shot at being acknowledged as the Best Henna Artist of 2018
The pleasure of recognition as the Best Henna Artist shall be multiplied manifold at this fest as the winner shall be presented with the award by a famous Bollywood celebrity. And the success shall be acknowledged by gifting the winner with a prize of $2000 in cash.
Isn’t this encouragement enough to kick start upon the event and work upon your greatest Henna designs to participate in the contest for the Best Henna Artist of 2018 at this International Fashion Fest?
Through this fashion fest, it is heartening to witness Avas shower upon new and gifted contenders apt and favorable occasions to set a prelude for their careers and explore the possibilities to merge into the very wide and rapidly proliferating makeup and cosmetic art industry.
Interested candidates can reap wholesome benefits out of this Fashion Fest organized by Avas. With your knack and skills at Henna art designing, the prospect of emerging as the Best Henna Artist 2018 can materialize at the Avas International Fashion Fest.
For more information on the Avas International Fashion Fest, get in touch with Amisha Kiri Hitt or visit their website info@avascosmetics.com
This is exactly where you want to be to and do what it takes to win the title for yourself!