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Makeup Artist Of The Year 2018


As the New Year commences with new hope and promises, it brings with itself the lure of new possibilities. The makeup industry is not separable from these allures and there is always scope and opportunity for those who seek it.
International brand, Avas carries with its name and fame, the very opportunities that could drive a wedge this year to open up the box of new prospects to deserving talent. As Avas fortifies its stance in the fashion industry year on year, it also harbors the drive to promulgate the nuances of makeup and styling to its audiences and consumers.
In the month of June 2018, Avas will be organizing the International Fashion Fest for all the veterans and novices of this gargantuan industry. The fest will not only be an event of colossal display of beauty and style but will also contain segments that will be foster an outbreak of opportunities for young talent.

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* Participate Fees for USA & CANADA Citizens Only.
* Non Refundable Fees.

And hence, for talented makeup artists waiting for an opportunity to prove their caliber on a wider platform, the Avas International Fashion Fest is the right place to be.
One of the promising categories amongst many others befalling the umbrella of talent hunting in this fashion fest is the Makeup Artist of the Year 2018. Makeup Artist of the year 2018 is an expansive and illustrious category encompassing three different laurels under a holistic title. These titles are categorized as below depending upon the divergence of minute skills desired and expected from the contenders in each of the following sections.
1) Best makeup artist of 2018
2) Best Fashion Makeup Study of 2018
3) Best Media Makeup artist of 2018
The environment and approach of the Avas international fashion fest to rope in new candidates by organizing the contest for eager candidates would further their zeal towards their ambitions. This occasion is excellent for talented strugglers and new comers to prove themselves and win the exciting titles in the category of Makeup Artist of the year.
Wouldn’t it be unwise to surpass the supposition that winning the title could presumably be one of the golden moments in the advent of a beautiful career path and may prove itself to be the harbinger of a larger glory? Probably this may be so.
Moreover, the platform not only provides the suitable exposure to deserving makeup artists but will also gift the winner with the price of a whopping $2000 in cash.
An additional appeal to the event, apart from the honor of winning the titles under Makuep Artist of the Year, would be the award ceremony wherein renowned Bollywood celebrities would grace the occasion to present this award to the elected makeup artists of 2018.
Isn’t it an appealing prospective? But of course it is.
This is where interested candidates need to be on the day in June 2018 to conquer these awards with their skills and craft : 92 Waver;u Street, Yonkers, New York, USA, 10701.
For more information on the Avas International Fashion Fest, get in touch with Amisha Kiri Hitt or visit their website info@avascosmetics.com
Don’t miss this for anything at all!