About Us

AVAS Cosmetics Inc. is one of the global cosmetics brand, offering more than 250 products and is growing fast with its strong geographical footprint. AVAS cosmetics was founded in 2007, located in New York, USA. AVAS Cosmetics' products are characterized by innovation, quality, reliability and efficiency. The brand's strength lies in its international standards of high performance formulations, premium quality products, and constant product innovations for its fast growing and demanding target segment of consumers- the independent woman of today who is exposed to global fashion trends. AVAS products not only conform to all regulatory compliances but are also benchmarked against the most prestigious brands across the world. AVAS is one of the exclusive cosmetics brand, specializing in luxury and glamorous look make up products that are eco-friendly, easy to use and cruelty-free. We provide products along with full services and medical benefits. We promise to make every woman feel flawless and elegant with our best innovative and globally renowned beauty products in a unique AVAS experience.

AVAS cosmetics is founded by Amisha Kiri Hitt, being a woman entrepreneur she has deeply understood the needs of modern fashion and has played a key role in the design and development of the offerings of the company. She learned the ins and outs of production and with time, she has been able to launch a series of a new brand "AVAS" Cosmetics.

"AVAS Products are mesmerizing, giving a perfect look for the day."- Amisha Kiri Hitt