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Blush On Vinyl Tray Sunrise

  • Product Code: AVA00066
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The vinyl blush tray is ideal for professional or personal use. Available in 2 color schemes: neutral and ethnic shades. Choose from our standard color selection or customize your own at a minimum of 6 trays per color scheme.

Mineral Blush 

Paraben Free Formula

Pressed cheek color available in a gorgeous selection of colors ranging from natural to dramatic, with choices for all skin tones. We offer a choice of matte, semi-pearl and pearl formulations. All apply smoothly and blend easily with this micronized texture. 

PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: Choice of black matte flip top or silver compact. 


Talc free formulation.

Smooth silky texture.

Matte, semi-pearl & pearl formulations.

Blends easily when applied with a fine quality brush. Suggestions: BB-32 deluxe blush brush or BB-12 complexion brush.