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Mineral Powder

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Brush-On Mineral Face Powder 

Paraben Free Formula 

Sifter Jar - Net. Wt. 9 gr. 

6 Shades for varied skin tones to create a flawless healthy finish on the skin. Can be used as a lighter coverage foundation or finishing powder. 


Sifter Jar: with kabuki brush, insert into sifter and tap excess powder, apply to face in circular motion. 

SUGGESTION: Spray a light mist of Botanical Herbal Setting Mist to set the make-up. 

PACKAGE DESCRIPTION:sifter jar with black cap. 


Light diffusing mineral powder that provides a natural radiant glow.

Provides UVA / UVB protection with natural sunscreen.

Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores).

Hides imperfections and fine lines.

Helps to provide healing and medicinal benefits (zinc oxide and phenoxyethanol).

Gently infused with aromatherapy (lavender).