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Wooden Handle Green Brush Set

  • Product Code: AVA00074
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Ultra smooth and plush brushes at affordable prices Engineered to provide long lasting performance with wooden handles for extra durability Comprehensive set and comes with all essential brushes to meet your day to day needs Comes in exquisite and functional case

AVAS Green Brush with Wooden Handle & Europen Hair Set Includes:

1) Large Fan Brush

2) Round Blending Face Brush

3) Round Blending Brush

4) Highlight Contour Brush

5) Blusher Brush

6) Powder Brush

7) Small Blush Brush

8) Angled Blending Face Brush

9) Foundation Brush

10) Large Blender Brush

11) Eyeshadow Brush

12) Sponge Eyeshadow Brush

13) Eyeshadow Brush

14) Eyeshadow Blending Brush

15) Brow Bone Brush

16) Shadow Smokie Brush

17) Small Fan Brush

18) Small Eyeshadow Brush

19) Nose Shadow Brush

20) Large Lip Brush

21) Lip Brush

22) Angel Liner & Brow

23) Lip Brush

24) Eyeliner Brush