Nothing looks as good as healthy feels. And to make you feel healthy, there are mineral makeup products that give you a totally healthy makeover. Let get skin friendly with the makeup without toxins.

Minerals – the naturally occurring substances extracted or mined from Earth’s surface, are used in skincare as well as in makeup. From this raw state, the minerals are then milled and crushed into super-fine particles and added into cosmetics for their natural colour, sun protection, anti-inflammatory or skin illuminating benefits. Common minerals used in skincare and makeup includes Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Gold, Mica, Iron Oxide and Magnesium.

Mineral product allows the skin to live. They are very smooth and light on skin yet provide optimum coverage. They exhibit natural SPF properties and hence protect the skin from the Sun. They don’t clog the pores. They are the best products for delicate skin that cannot tolerate toxic makeup.

Mature skins love minerals for the light diffusing and illuminating properties too, meaning fine lines appear softened and pigmentation is camouflaged. Mineral makeup is available in all your preferred formulas, including loose powder, pressed powder, liquid, eyeshadows, lipsticks, pencils and mascaras to name a few.

All note of ingredients before buying the product.

One also needs to remember that mineral makeup is different from traditional makeup. mineral makeup is not necessarily equal. Makeup products with as less as 1% mineral content can also obtain the tag of mineral makeup. Hence, its necessary to take proper It gives a more natural look. Hence, those who are used to full coverage makeup, it may take time to adjust to mineral makeup for them.