The eye is the jewel of our body. It sees, capture as well as says a lot. It is the eyes which first catches the attention of any or everyone. Thus it becomes necessary to keep the eyes decorated all the time. Eyeliners are the best chemical free makeup tool to keep your eyes glamorous. They are so compact that they can fit in anywhere from small purses to big bags.

Eyeliners are compact but they play a big role in all kinds of a makeover. They come in different types, Gel Eyeliner and Sketch Pen Eyeliner.

Let’s, take a pick of your choicest weapon of mass destruction.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel liner is the best of both worlds,” says Nick Barose, makeup artist to Lupita Nyong’o and Priyanka Chopra. It’s the perfect balance between liquid which can be hard to make precise and pencil which is easier to do but harder to make thinner, more delicate lines. The best part of these eyeliners is that they are non toxic makeup tools and that they stay longer than other and you don’t have to worry about any accidental rubs.

Sketch Pen Eyeliner

A lot of us face difficulties in applying the eyeliner properly so, for them pen eyeliners are like magical toxin free makeup products. You can easily do cat style eye makeup with pen eyeliner. They are designed with the fine tip and are easy to glide over the upper lash line. Some are blessed with a slanted felt tip to make you a pro at winging your eye in no time.

How to Put on the Eyeliner

The first and foremost step of putting up an eyeliner is to choose the eyeliner type suitable for your eyes. When it comes to the color, being the safest bet, black eyeliners have a special place in a woman’s heart.

Sit in a comfortable position, in front of a mirror with your head slightly bent but can be seen in the mirror. Start with the inner and the outer corners and connect the line by working your way through the middle, while placing the tip of your liner as close to your eyelash line as possible. Trying to draw a straight line through might lead to accidents and the best tip would be to take it slow and work in small sections.

Dab the liner to fill any gaps between the eyeliner and the eyelash line. Steady your hand and draw along the breaks in the line, if any. The liner is thin at the inner corners and thick at outer corners.

Add a tail by drawing a small line extending upwards your upper lash line at the angle of the upwards curve of your lower lash line. Connect the lower lash line with this extension and fill in the area between the connection and your eyelids.