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Color Xpert Eyeshadow Cool Palette

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Natural make up is still a big trend. And Avas makes sure to help you achieve a perfect classic look for the day with its various range of make up cosmetics and make up tools. Avas cosmetics are definitely going to be your most desired possession once you use them.

No. of Shades: 24
Finish: Matte
Skin Type: All
Application Area: Eyes

Reveal the secret to iconic, mesmerizing eyes with this Avas eyeshadow palette consisting of warm classy shades and bright tones for the summer. These eyeshadow colors comes with long lasting formula and safe for contact lens wearers.

How to use
Apply light base color all over eye area and medium color on lid only. Apply darkest color on outside of lid and crease. Highlight inner corner and under brows. Blend shadow and line eyes with darkest shade with the help of blending brush

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