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Small Eyeshadow Buffer Cum Blender Stick A16

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Avas Products are innovative, resulting in giving a flawless and perfect look. The foremast achievement for Avas is to give bold and intense appearance when applied/used.

Material: European Hair
Handle Type: Wooden
Finish: Smooth
Size: Small
1. Buffing the blush is one of its main usage.
2. Eyeshadow further blended with the help of this brush is its another multi use.
Short Description
Eyeshadow Blender for smooth and refined application of concealer and buffing the blush.
Cleaning Instructions
1. Clean your brush once a week.
2. Clean you brush with a gentle clear like baby shampoo, that doesnot have a strong scent.
3. How to clean- Dispense a few drops of cleanser into the palm of your hand. Wet your brush, swirl the ends back and forth in the cleanser to clean the bristles, then rinse thoroughly. Dry them laying flat with the top of the brush hanging off the edge of a flat surface so the moisture doesn't damage the bristles
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